Speech for international womens day 2024

8. of March, 2024

We are Trans Femme Fatale.

As an NGO, we stand up for the rights of transfeminine and non-binary people.

A few weeks ago, Federal Chancellor Nehammer presented the Austria Plan on behalf of the ÖVP. It states: „Protective spaces that are explicitly created for women have been appropriated by biological men. We therefore need more protection for women in Austria instead of questionable gender practices“

A horror scenario is being invented in order to polarize and stir up hatred in line with populist, inhumane politics. on the one hand, it is about the safety of women and protection from perpetrators.
On the other hand, it is about the rights of trans people and the involuntary politicization of their bodies, their identity and their existence.

We demand safe spaces for women, including trans women!
We demand safe spaces for trans people!
We also demand more focus on shelters for trans people in homelessness services and in public spaces!

The trans-exclusionary reaction speaks of „biological“, of „real“ of „normal“ women and men.
We want an end to this trans misogyny.

Trans women are women.

There are neither right nor wrong women.
Non-binary people are non-binary people.
There are neither right nor wrong people.

But even within the queer community, some trans people experience this transmisogyny.
There is hardly any infrastructure, hardly any safer space.
Not every FLINTA* space is really a trans-inclusive space, and for some it even involves forced outing.

We call on everyone to pay more attention to this.

Trans people don’t owe you an explanation or justification.
Nehammer and the ÖVP are calling for „a ban on hormone treatments under the age of 18, unless there are medical reasons“.
It seems as if they refuse to actually deal with the issue of trans people.

The fact is, hormone treatments are currently only possible if a comprehensive diagnosis has been carried out.
Nehammer deforms the treatment as „medically and ethically controversial“… „with incalculable consequences for the rest of life.
This simply does not correspond to reality and is another attempt to stage trans people for his politics.
We therefore need more sensitization of decision-makers, but also of treating doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, as well as awareness-raising campaigns.

We demand an end to the pathologization of TIN* people and better access to psychological and medical measures.

The ÖVP calls for a „clear commitment to equality between women and men, in life and in language“, but still wants to maintain a heteronormative pariarchal concept.

We demand a clear commitment to equality for all genders, even beyond a binary gender order.

We want equal rights for ALL.

Traditional notions of family exclude trans people – as if they do not have the same right to raise children and be loving parents.

We demand welfare state support and the removal of taboos surrounding rainbow families and alternative family concepts.

We want less transparency for trans parents.

Above all, we also demand equal rights for all those affected by multiple discrimination.

We stand in solidarity with all BiPoc, especially all those trans people who experience discrimination, exclusion and violence within the structures that should support them.

The constructed safety that normalized queer identities experience relates primarily to white people – invisible or less visible people are often neglected.

CN: Violence and death
There were 321 trans murders worldwide last year.
One of them was carried out on the 16-year-old trans girl Brianna Ghey with unbelievable violence – 22 stabs.
The two perpetrators, who had planned the crime for months, were found guilty in December 2023.
According to the judge, trans-phobic motives also played a role in the murder.

According to gender theorist Judith Butler, the murder of trans women by men is „the most toxic form that masculinity can take“, a way for the murderer to assert his power over the victim at the moment when the idea of the intrinsic nature of his power (i.e. his masculinity) is threatened.

All over the world, trans people are oppressed and their human rights curtailed.
We stand in solidarity with all those who are marginalized, forced to live in poor conditions or even forced to leave their homes due to anti-trans and anti-queer laws.
These are people who not only face increased state repression, but also suffer under a patriarchal post-colonial system.
We show solidarity with all those who are spat at, insulted, beaten and hated in Vienna because of their gender, origin, culture or language.

White silence is violence.

We quote „Queers for Palestine“ at this point:
queerness is a term that has grown out of decades of political resistance. initially used as an insult and humiliation, „queer has developed a new meaning of selfexpression, solidarity and political action, which is mainly thanks to black trans resistance.queer is a term of political activism, critical solidarity and mindful relationships to and with other people, the world, power relations and oneself.being queer disrupts fundamental binaries and dichotomies that shape the world and social structures. queerness fundamentally questions normalized violence.

A survey conducted by the European Union agency for fundamental rights (FRA, 2015) shows that only a few trans people surveyed report incidents of discrimination to the authorities.
There is a deep mistrust of police authorities and fear of a homophobic or transphobic reaction from the police.

We demand sensitization of the police, the expansion of reporting offices and consequences for police officers who disregard the rights of trans people and other marginalized groups, as well as an end to state oppression of trans people.

The shift to the right and populism thrive on the backs of trans people and other marginalized groups.

We also call for trans-informed journalism and for the public to be made aware of the discrimination and violence that trans people face on a daily basis.

Being trans is not a choice.
Being transphobic is!