Speech for Dyke March Vienna 2023

My name is Sam Hailey, my pronouns are she and they.

Almost five years ago, Trans Femme Fatale was founded by some amazing individuals as a community for trans feminine and non-binary folks, aiming to provide a sense of belonging.

From a small group holding occasional meetings, over the years, it has evolved into a community with a Telegram group of over 100 individuals, all interested in fostering an open, often light-hearted, yet serious community together.

This year, it was important for some of us to officially establish an association out of this loose group.

And here I stand, as the chairperson of Trans Femme Fatale – Association for Trans Rights, Diversity, and Equality.

For us, the rights of lesbian cis and trans individuals are inherently interconnected. We’re all bitches, butches, dykes, and divas. We all live our lives as we see fit, no matter how many obstacles society throws our way.

Unfortunately, there are still people here who want to deny our womanhood, shouting loudly with outdated, biologistic arguments. Let their shouts fade unheard.

Trans women are women, lesbian trans women are lesbian women. Non-binary people are non-binary. Non-binary lesbians are lesbians.

We’re all different individuals, and no one except each of us individually should dictate our identity and sexuality.

When a person whose doctoral thesis covers ‚cognitive performance in weakly electric fish‘ believes they can determine whether someone can call themselves a woman or not, it just brings to mind a simple ’so long, and thanks for all the fish.‘

If a person’s accomplishment is writing a children’s book about a child ‚literally‘ coming ‚out of the closet‘ and then decides to pass judgment on whether trans individuals even exist, all I can say is, ‚it’s called TransphObia, not TransphobiAA.‘

We have always been here. We will always be here. We can be just as straight, bi, pan, ace, or gay.

Our lives mean our freedom to self-define!

Still, for many, we trans individuals remain a thorn in their side. We’re hated, persecuted, attacked, and sadly, we also fall victim to transphobic murders. Over 300 murders were recorded last year. The actual number is far higher.

Every single attack against us is one attack too many! Every deadnaming and misgendering is one too many. Every denial of our existence is one too many times.

Let us live in peace.