Speech for Trans Paradeis‘

I’m here today to resist the attacks that trans and non-binary individuals face from various sides!

Our rights are in danger worldwide! There’s a growing number of autocratic governments that see anything different, queer, or alternative as a thorn in their side. We must stick together, rise up, and defend ourselves against these attacks! Let’s become the thorn in the side, the prick that wakes people up!

At Trans Femme Fatale, we stand for the idea that people should be free to fully express themselves. We want to be a loud voice against these attacks and yet not lose our courage.

It’s crucial to resist and stand up against the injustice and transphobia that we encounter.

Headlines often report attacks on queer gathering spaces by right-wing groups. The next election is looming, and we can’t always rely on avoiding another right to far-right government scandal like Ibiza.

The push made by the Gender Case, advocating for so-called ‚Alternative Gender Entries‘ through legal decisions, could have been unnecessary if it weren’t for the so-called ‚Kickl Decree‘ at the time, which prevented these gender entries from being available to non-binary individuals.

I can’t imagine what might happen if this party regains power and attempts to strip away these rights from us.

The legal treatment of individuals with transgender, non-binary, or intersex backgrounds, just like those who are persecuted or have a migrant background, certainly won’t improve, I can assure you.

It’s time for us to rise and stand up for our rights. We want to live in peace!

Queer liberation now! Nonbinary liberation now! Trans Liberation now!